1. You look familiar. Haven’t I seen you somewhere before?

Maybe. I’m a food blogger myself and you can find me here: The Creekside Cook. And yes I do sometimes feature my own posts from there – why should you guys get all the fun?

2. How will I know if my submission has been accepted?

You can check the status of a submission in your profile area – if it is not listed there, then it didn’t go through, and you will need to re-submit.  You will get an email when your submissions are moderated, telling you if it has been accepted or not.

3. Why didn’t you publish my submission?

We will  let you know in an email.  It could be any number of reasons. Each submission has to lead to a specific blog post, and the photo submitted must appear in that post. Most importantly, the photo has to be appealing, an attribute I freely admit is purely subjective. See the Submission Guidelines to get an idea of what will be accepted. And, please don’t give up if a submission is rejected – try again, ok?

4. I submitted 3 [or 4 or 5] posts and you only published one? What gives?

We are unlikely to publish multiple submissions from a single source in the same day. You are better off if your posts are spread out on the site, rather than being all in a row. You will get more visitors and more interest in your blog, if a little time elapses between posts. We don’t mind if you send multiples, but some time will elapse between the posts being moderated.

5.  Why don’t you have comments enabled, or some kind of favoriting  system?

I have no plans to implement comments, for a very simple reason – I would much prefer that you go and comment on the contributor’s blog.  Go tell them how great the recipe sounds, or how much you enjoy their photography.  They are the ones who did the hard stuff, so scoot on over to their blogs and tell them that they are awesome!  As for favoriting – as a way for you to keep track of what you like, so you can find it again – that is in future plans, but will likely not be available for awhile yet.

…more to come as more questions are frequently asked…

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