Submission Guidelines

1. You need to register. It is fairly painless, and only needs to be done one time. It makes things a lot easier for us, and it also makes things easier for you, because you can search on your own registered name and find all of your approved submissions in one place. Then, anytime you are making a submission, you will need to be logged in. If you lose or forget your password, we can’t retrieve it for you – use the password retrieval that is right by the sign in area.

2. The photo must depict a dessert, sweet, baked good or some other form of sugary goodness. Cookies, candy, cake, pie, yeast breads, donuts, muffins, cupcakes, tortes, cream puffs, ice cream, brownies or anything else that be construed as an indulgent end to a meal will fit in nicely. In addition, any kind of sweet breakfast food, like French toast, pancakes or waffles is welcomed, as well as sweet snacky things. Steak with caramel sauce will probably not make the cut though.

3. To be usable, photos must be at least 250px by 250px. Your best bet is always going to be to submit a photo that is already cropped and sized to those dimensions.  The site uses an auto-cropping tool that isn’t always accurate when it decides what to display, so you should do that yourself, before submitting.  It is rare that we will use a photo that doesn’t have a focused foreground – in photos this small, we think a photo with an good sharp focus in the foreground makes the page look better.  Remember – the photo must be in the blog post you submit with it. Please submit just one photo from any one post, though if a submission can’t used for some reason, you are welcome to try a different photo, so long as it too appears in the post. Write an interesting description. Your description should make people want to come to your blog to read more, as well as to see more of your photos and the recipe or article. It can’t be longer than 140 characters though. The title is limited to 35 characters.  If the description or title don’t fit in the text box, we can’t make it fit either, so edit yourself accordingly.

4. There is a lot of discussion around food blogs about the criteria used in the approval process at some of the big name food porn sites. Here are my criteria: If I like the photo, and the link leads where it is supposed to, I’ll publish it. I am unashamedly subjective, and really to claim otherwise would be silly, because what other standard can I possibly use?

5. Things that will keep your photo from being accepted are glare from a flash, underexposure or over exposure and lack of clear sharp focus.  Bright sunlight is just as bad as a flash, because it it creates the same kind of glare. As we noted above, it is best to have the focus on the foreground of the photo.  We are not crazy about photos with people or hands in them, so it’s best not to submit those.  The point of submitting to sites like this is to show off your creativity and love of food. If your photo isn’t appetizing, it will not prompt very many people to come check out the whole post, so posting it here won’t do either of us any good.

6. Don’t steal. Please only submit photos that belong to you, or that you have permission to post. If you see your photo here, and you didn’t submit it, or aren’t properly credited, email me immediately at, and I will remove it, along with slapping the paw of whoever submitted it. You get one “mistake” – get caught posting someone else’s photo a second time and you’ll be banned. So, if you didn’t take the photo yourself, make sure you have permission.

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